Tennis Professional Story

Tennis Professional Story

Tennis and Financial Planning | A Coach’s Perspective from Patrick Fontana on Vimeo.

This is a little tennis professional story.  

My (Patrick) background was as a tennis pro and I know a lot about tennis.  I’ve studied the game and have spent thousands of hours training, competing, travelling the world in pursuit of tennis knowledge.

I’m a great teacher of the game and learned the process of teaching tennis and I know it has a lot of similarities to the financial planning process.

We have to connect and I have to get to know what you are looking for and to guide you on the best way to get there.  I have the knowledge and the experience to guide you well.

The process of success as a tennis pro – making you better at tennis – is very similar to succeeding with your finances.  Getting to know you and what the goal is, making a plan to reach the goal, and executing.

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